FH2 makes Creative Accessories for the Performing Arts.

Today, we serve several hundred Dance, Skate, Costume specialty stores, Makeup salons, Bridal stores, Party wear shops and Fashion boutiques nation-wide as well as US. We are planning to expand to numerous overseas distributors.

FH2 has an exciting product line created to make your store and your customers “Stand out from the crowd” . FH2’s new line showcases unique products of the highest quality which include eyelashes, rhinestone appliqués, hair accessories, and rhinestone jewelry. From the studio to the stage, from the youngest dancing princesses to the most seasoned performers, FH2 has something for everyone.

Eyelashes, available in many different styles, are the best quality in the industry. Natural, jeweled, colored, feathered, individual, flared, long, short, dramatic, flirty, and fun…the possibilities are endless. Most styles come with an adhesive included and are fast and easy to apply, while they are priced to compete.

Individualize your customer’s look with the use of FH2’s iron-on appliqués. Check out many new designs at www.fh2.ca Iron-on appliqué page. Create your own message using the new individual alphabet appliqué. Appliqués can also be specially ordered utilizing a custom design or logo. Please e-mail info@fh2.ca or call 905-616-3519 for the details.

Hair accessories include ponytail hair extensions, hair buns, jewelled hair pins, barrettes, clips, combs, and an expansive line of unique ponytail holders and bun covers. Some styles are designed specifically for your youngest customers.

Jewelry includes brooches, bracelets, chokers (they stretch!), tiaras, earrings, and, ballroom shoes stretch jewel. All are made with the highest quality materials and crystals as well as meticulous attention to detail.

The appeal of FH2's new product line extends beyond dance, performance, and competition, and can help you create new markets. Backed by innovation and quality, priced to compete, and supported by the highest levels of customer service, FH2 is clearly committed to your success.