Item Number : FH2 Customizable Competition Jewelry Set

Customizable Competition Jewelry Set comes with gift box
You can choose what you need & make your own set

1)  AZ0005 3 row crystal stretch choker or AZ0005-1 child size choker

2)  AZ0015 crystal earrings or AZ0015-1 clip on earrings

3) AY0001-1 crystal barrette

4) One of our popular competition lashes

eg. SFSP child lashes, FSP, S7, TT100, S8, M30

Child size lashes comes in 2 pairs + Glue in 1 unit


We can create AB cluster sets

1) AZ0026 3 row AB stretch choker

2) AZ0014 AB cluster earrings or AZ0014-1 AB cluster earrings clip

3) AY0001 AB crystal barrette

4) One of competition lashes