About Us

First of all, many people ask me what FH2 stands for. A name is a short form of “For Him & For Her: 2 F & 2 H

It all began on my trip to Korea! I bought a pair of gorgeous rhinestoned lashes for my husband’s company party in Seoul. Back then, if you purchased an eyeshadow, you could get free makeup at the Bay.

I showed the lashes to the makeup artist & asked her to apply them to my eyes. As soon as she saw them, she commented, “IT’S SO PRETTY!” Would you be interested in doing business with me?”

I was shocked because I had never really sold anything in my life, as I had always worked as a software QA at that time. She had a bridal makeup business then, so she saw the opportunity, and we decided to start small. I imported those lashes to Canada, and we started selling through her network – to salons & spas.

I went to a salon in downtown Toronto & the owner went, “Wow!”. These lashes are so pretty! Maria! You should sell these to Dance Stores!” I didn’t even know those stores existed at that time! That’s how I made my first foray into the Dance Industry.

One day, I met my TEACHER: One of the dancer store owners. She was so kind & taught me many things about Dance Stores, including the items they needed. I went back to Korea & started searching for these items. I found a few excellent factories & made a contract with them.

That was the beginning of my business. Now we have a team of 9 people trying to create beautiful but affordable performance lashes & jewelry to make you shine on the stage!

Fh2 exists to provide high-quality, affordable beauty accessories that make people look and feel their best.