RM0004 AB Crystal Masquerade Mask

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Stimulate Pearl, high-quality crystal, and a black ribbon tie make this AB Crystal Masquerade Mask. This stunning piece is perfect for the Vintage Wedding, Holiday Party, Masked Ball, Halloween, or Mardi Gras.
Special care must be taken when wearing, handling, and storing an AB Crystal Masquerade Mask due to its one-of-a-kind design and intricate construction. Having trouble finding a mask that complements your face, fits well, and enhances your wardrobe?
You’ll look beautiful in our AB Crystal Masquerade Mask.
The AB Crystal Masquerade Mask is available to provide a quick and easy way to add sophistication and a new look to your face.

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 5 cm


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