CGB001 Clear Garment Bag – 50 pcs pack

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Introducing the FH2 Clear Garment Bag (CGB001) – a dancer’s essential for keeping costumes organized, protected, and ready for the stage. This pack of 50 clear garment bags is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering a sleek and practical solution for storing and transporting dance costumes.

Key Features:
1. Clear Plastic Construction: Crafted from durable and transparent plastic, the FH2 Clear Garment Bag allows for easy visibility, ensuring that your carefully curated costumes remain easily identifiable without the need to unzip.
2. Spacious Inner Compartment: The 90 cm high x 60 cm wide dimensions provide ample space for your dance costumes. The large inner compartment is secured with a sturdy zipper, keeping your outfits pristine and ready for their moment in the spotlight.
3. Front Zipper Pouches: Four strategically placed zipper pouches on the front of the garment bag offer convenient storage for essential accessories. Perfect for organizing hair accessories, jewelry, makeup, tights, and dance shoes, these pouches ensure that every dance necessity has its dedicated space.
4. Individualized Pockets: Each of the four zipper pouches measures 30 cm wide and 20 cm high, providing sufficient room to keep your accessories neatly arranged. This thoughtful design enhances accessibility and minimizes the hassle of rummaging through your bag.
5. Note Card Pocket: Located on the front, an open pocket is designed to hold a note card. This feature allows you to list and display the dance and costume pieces contained within, offering a quick reference for both performers and organizers.
Experience the convenience and efficiency of the FH2 Clear Garment Bag (CGB001). Order this pack of 50 today and elevate your dance costume organization with a touch of practical elegance – where preparation meets performance.



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Weight 14400 g
Dimensions 48 × 37 × 20 cm


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