SO Criss-Cross Child Lashes – FH2 Children Lash Collection TM

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Introducing the SO Criss-Cross Child Lashes from our FH2 Children Lash Collection™. Specifically designed for young dancers, these lashes offer a natural yet defined look that enhances any performance ensemble. Here are the key features of these exquisite lashes:

  1. Finely Criss-Crossed Design: The child-sized lashes feature finely criss-crossed black lash fibers layered over a base of even finer black lash fibers. This intricate design adds depth and dimension to the lashes, creating a natural and defined look.
  2. Graduated Length: The lash fibers gradually increase in length towards the outer edge, accentuating the eyes and creating a subtle yet striking effect. This graduated length adds a touch of glamour without appearing overly dramatic, making these lashes perfect for young dancers.
  3. Pack Contents: Each pack contains 2 pairs of SO Criss-Cross Child Lashes, allowing for multiple uses and ensuring dancers are always performance-ready. Additionally, a small tube of lash adhesive is included for easy application and a secure fit.

Enhance your young dancers’ performances with the natural beauty of the SO Criss-Cross Child Lashes. With their finely criss-crossed design and graduated length, these lashes are sure to make a statement on stage.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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