AZ0054-1 11mm Large crystal in center & small crystal around earrings (Clip-ons)

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Introducing the AZ0054-1 11mm Large Crystal in Center & Small Crystal Around Earrings – a stunning blend of vintage charm and contemporary elegance. These earrings, featuring a screw-back clip-on style, are not just designed for dance performance; they’re a versatile accessory that seamlessly complements any outfit while allowing you to shine subtly in any setting.

Key Features:
1. Striking Design: The focal point of these earrings is the 11mm large crystal placed in the center, surrounded by smaller crystals. This unique arrangement captures attention and reflects light for a dazzling effect that is both eye-catching and refined.
2. Screw Back Clip-On Style: Crafted for comfort and security, the screw-back clip-on style ensures a snug fit without compromising ease of wear. Perfect for dance performances and occasions where you want to make a statement with confidence.
3. Versatile Accessory: While initially designed for dance, these earrings effortlessly transition into an excellent accessory for various occasions. Whether it’s a formal event, casual gathering, Sunday church service, or a night out on the town, these earrings add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.
4. Subtle Elegance: The one-of-a-kind vintage spin on these earrings exudes a timeless elegance that remains understated yet impactful. Wear them to enhance your style while remaining undetected in a crowded space.
5. Diverse Occasions: From the dance floor to special events and everyday wear, the AZ0054-1 earrings are a versatile piece that complements a range of outfits, making them a must-have accessory for every occasion.
Elevate your style with the AZ0054-1 11mm Large Crystal Earrings. Order now to experience the timeless charm and versatility of this one-of-a-kind piece – where vintage aesthetics meet contemporary allure.

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1.5 cm


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