AZ0026 3-Row AB Stretch Choker (Adult) – FH2 Competition Jewelry Collection TM

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Introducing the AZ0026 3-Row AB Stretch Choker (Adult Size) from our exclusive FH2 Competition Jewelry Collection TM. Elevate your stage presence with this iridescent beauty, a true statement piece crafted for the spotlight.
Key Features:
1. Dazzling Iridescence: This adult-sized choker boasts three rows of alternating AB rhinestones and clear color rhinestones, creating an enchanting iridescent effect that catches and reflects light from every angle. The result is a captivating sparkle that adds a touch of magic to your performance.
2. Stretchy Material: Designed for both comfort and style, the stretchy material ensures a snug fit without compromising on ease of wear. Move with confidence and grace, knowing your choker stays securely in place.
3. Adjustable Hook: Tailor the choker to your perfect fit with the adjustable hook closure. This feature allows for a beautiful and comfortable custom-fit, ensuring you feel as stunning as you look.
4. FH2 Competition Jewelry Collection TM: Be a part of the FH2 legacy with this exquisite choker. Our Competition Jewelry Collection TM is renowned for its superior quality and timeless designs, trusted by performers around the world.
5. Versatile Elegance: Whether it’s a dance competition, a special event, or a night out, the AZ0026 choker effortlessly complements your ensemble, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any occasion.
Indulge in the allure of the AZ0026 3-Row AB Stretch Choker. Order now and let FH2 Competition Jewelry Collection TM be the crowning touch to your stage presence – where every performance is adorned with brilliance and grace.

Jewelry Care Tips
It’s always a good idea to remove your jewelry when applying makeup, lotions, hairspray, or perfume.  Save the jewelry as your last step in getting ready to go out.

Before any jewelry is stored, make sure that it is clean and dry. Moisture of any kind can cause the metal to tarnish.
Keep your jewelry dry. Try not to store it in humid places, like the bathroom.
Storing your jewelry in a jewelry box or ziplock bag will reduce tarnish formation

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 cm


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